Karen the DOS already knows what the problem is before she arrives at the classroom. In an effort to start his lesson with an original ice-breaker the previous week, new teacher Dave Pimm’s had decided to use red food-dye and a toy gun to stage a crime scene as the students arrived for the class. After a moment’s panic, he had revealed himself to be alive before delivering a passably executed lesson on modals of past deduction using murder mysteries as the theme.

As well as breaking the ice, his actions have also had the unlooked-for effect of making all the students in the class suspect him of mischief in every subsequent class.

As Karen enters the room, Reyansh is standing with his arms spread, trying to keep his body in between his teacher and the whiteboard. It’s vital that his teacher can’t get to the board to erase the made-up idioms which are evidence against him.

“Look, Karen!” shouts Aditya, pointing over Reyansh’s shoulder to where Dave Pimms has written as fit as a butcher’s dog, in blue (stressed syllables marked in black).

Karen frowns at the board for a moment before turning to Aditya.

“Those are all real idioms,” she says calmly.

“She’s in on it!” Reyansh bellows, gesticulating wildly for the benefit of Aditya.

Aditya is resolute in his protest. He stands with his arms crossed and nods towards the board.

“Cool as a cucumber?” he sneers to Karen, “Bob’s your uncle? Do you think we’re stupid?”

Dave and Karen look at each other awkwardly for a moment.

Dave turns back to his students with a sigh.

“Look, guys, I promise you I’m being as straight as a die-“

“A die?” Aditya snaps. “One of those things you use to play board games? That’s an example of straightness, is it?”

Karen takes over.

“What Dave is trying to say is that he’s not being economical with the truth here and that, cards on table-” but she does not finish, because Aditya lets out a roar of frustration.

“Cards! Dice! Economical! Uncle Bob! I’ve had enough! I’m going to learn French instead!”

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