“You’ve all put in such a lot of effort to understand the Present Perfect. And it would be madness to throw that away. Now I’m going to outline what will happen next.

You will each receive a piece of paper. We’re still working hard to make sure that there are enough copies of this paper to go round.

Stand together in a group of two, but no more than two, unless absolutely necessary.

Look at the sports in the table and ask your partner if they’ve played the sport. If they have, ask their name and write it in the table. It would be madness not to, after going to the effort to ask them. If they haven’t done that activity, don’t write their name unless absolutely necessary.

You may not look at each other’s papers. Although this is going to be difficult, only by adopting these measures can we ensure the success of the activity.

Whereas in the last activity I asked you to speak only if you could, and only take notes if you must, I now need to stress that those of you who cannot do the activity without writing the answers, should do so.

After you’ve written their name, here’s what we could do. And I stress could. Because, although it’s part of the activity, it might not be wise to do it. You could, if and only if the correct conditions have been met, ask a follow-up question.

We will know that the activity is complete when we’ve met these three tests. You will have spoken to the other students in the class. You will have found someone who has done each of the activities. You will have written their names.

We will do this activity for ten minutes. But I do stress that if the requirements have not been met after ten minutes, we will not move on to the next stage of the lesson.

I will be setting out more details on the activity and taking questions from the class tomorrow…”

Two minutes into, “Find Someone Who…” the teacher’s attention was drawn to the fact that his friend was not following the instructions. The activity was abandoned.

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