Members of the Happee Outreech teaching team who were present at Harry’s bar for Joy Williams’ impromptu lecture on racial relations last night learned this morning that turning up for class hungover with no lesson plan isn’t a problem.

“That song by Childish Gambino had been blaring out and she’d been swaying from side to side hanging onto a barstool for support while she shouted the lyrics,” Poonam Laghari remembers. “After it was finished, she sat down with the rest of us and spoke very eloquently and loudly about white privilege and amplifying the voices of post-colonial others for a good twenty minutes before realising she was hungry and persuading the parking guy to buy her some fried noodles.”

Poonam puts on a pair of reading glasses to consult her notes from the passionate invective against inequality.

“She explained to us that, even though the colonial period is ostensibly over, whites still enjoy a privileged position over other races and reap varius benefits from internalised racism and biased cultural norms.”

According to Poonam, a critical caveat to the thesis was added this morning.

“I would have thought that the proper attitude of a white itinerant worker in Asia, therefore, would be to undertake any task which they had been paid to do by people of colour with diligence and professionalism. Especially delivering training on which people of colour might rely to access jobs and opportunities in education in developed countries. But Joy didn’t seem to see it that way when she arrived at 8:55 still wearing last night’s mascara, perfume masking the smell of Sambuca.”

At the time of going to press Ms. Williams was scrolling through Tumblr posts as the students in her class watched an episode of Mr Bean.

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