You have been reliably informed by the parents of Elsa2 that by drawing what appears to be a horse on the wall of your classroom in green crayon she is, “just expressing herself.”

You nodded politely as you wondered how seriously the manager of your school meant you to take that talk that was given by the lady who worked at the Montessori school.

At the wall, Elsa2 has confirmed what her parents said and informed our reporter that she plans to, “be creative,” with a pot of glue later in the lesson before, “exploring her own personality,” in permanent ink on the IWB screen.

You bite your lip as you weigh up your decisions. You can picture the look on the face of militant, matronly cleaner Mrs Phuong when she enters the classroom at the end of the lesson.

Elsa2 reveals she also plans to, “develop her kinesthetic skills,” later in the course using a box of orange juice and your white blouse with the grey stars on it that has to be washed low.

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