Gary Glover, 22, believes his interview with Shahran Abiyev has gone well.

“We hit it off right from the get go!” Glover says, grinning. “When I told him I was from the UK he asked me if I had met David Beckham. I told him I hadn’t. Then he said he like Manchester United and I told him I support Chelsea so it turned out we have a lot in common.”

“He had a few questions about teaching to ask me. It’s lucky I’ve just finished my CELTA course so I’ve still got all my notes to hand. Presentation, Practice, Protraction. That’s what I told him. The internet connection wasn’t that great but he seemed impressed.”

Apparently Mr Abiyev had probed Glover by asking if he thought he’d be able to adapt to a starkly different culture.

“Yeah, he did ask me that,” Gary reports. “But I pointed out to him that I’d done Camp America. It was nine weeks so basically two and a half months. And Virginia is nothing like Surrey I can tell you! Have you tried the chocolate over there?”

“Shit isn’t it? But I never let on. I just did my best to be polite and kept on shovelling it down, toasting it over the fire with the kids. Plus there are language differences. Do you know what ‘fag’ means over there?”

“Right well, imagine the scene when one of the lads announced to everyone that he was going out to smoke a fag! Banter or what?”

“I’m sure the food won’t take much getting used to. Mr Shahran said that they eat Plov, which is a sort of rice dish, and I told him that when I have Chicken Tikka Massala, I sometimes have rice when I don’t have chips. So, looking forward to that.”

When Mr Glover was asked if he thought he had anything to worry about he replied, “Not really. He did say some people are put off at the prospect of being tortured by the secret police but, as I pointed out to him, our Kelly’s husband’s a copper so I think I know how to handle them by now!”

At the time of going to press, Mr Glover was using Google Maps to ascertain the location of Uzbekistan.

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