The school has forewarned you that the review class you have been planning before the test next Monday is likely to be disrupted because Kimberley has a boyfriend.

Early arrivals swiping away at smartphones outside the classroom have confirmed the announcement, adding that they “have kissed”. You have been informed that it is not yet possible to confirm whether they, “are in love,” or, “going to get married,” but an update is expected when Kimberley arrives.

According to the DOS, Kimberley and her boyfriend have taken a selfie together and it will be inadvisable for you to begin the lesson until all the students in the class have seen it. If there are any late arrivals, you will have to allow time for them to be brought up to speed before insisting that the students use the L2 again.

Your DOS has also let you know that all the boys in the class are now Manchester City fans.

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