It is with great sadness we report that Mr. Ito Hiromitsu passed away of natural causes yesterday while waiting for his teacher to think of an example.

“Learning English had been his dream for many years. After he retired, the very next week he came to the school to enrol in an English class,” says his son Fuyuki, who is waiting in the reception area to recover his father’s body as soon as the class ends. “Though we will all miss him, I know that he would have been happy if he’d known he was going to leave us doing something he loved.”

When asked about his father’s age Fuyuki replied, “He was 71, although of course he had only been 69 when the class started.”

“Trent was supposed to be teaching them about conditionals,” said Karen Fletcher, Academic Manager. “They’d covered second and third conditionals and made it through the communicative activities when Trent asked if there were any questions. One of the students had flicked ahead in the book and noticed ‘mixed conditionals’, so she asked Trent about them.”

“This was is November of 2017,” Karen adds. “Anyway, he started to explain but got himself a bit mixed up so he asked the class to bear with him for a moment while he thought of an example.”

According to local sources, the building manager became concerned at eight o’clock the next morning when he arrived at the building to find the students and teacher still in the classroom.

“We’re used to classes overrunning a bit, and Trent does like to be thorough,” said Mr Yakamoto. “This is a little extreme, though.”

Packs of humanitarian aid including food, drinking water and insulin have been delivered to the class every day by the UN for the past year and a half. Married students have been allowed weekly conjugal visits under the desk at the back of the room.

“I’d love to be able to bring this situation to a conclusion,” Karen remarked, “but the problem is I can’t think of an example either.

“If only Trent had prepared some examples before class, perhaps Mr. Ito would be alive today.”

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