An confederation of English learners has today decided to unilaterally declare that they are “fed out” with having to learn prepositions. We caught up with Rico Aziz to discuss how the decision was reached.

“It’s ever since she got in from that conference above overcoming the language learning plateau,” Aziz tells us, throwing his hands up in frustration. “We used to have practice exercises to do under every class and everyone was happy with that, but now we have to stop about the middle of the class and wait against Miss Anya to draw a substitution table by the board.”

Through the glass wall of the classroom, we see Anya’s students, frozen in the act of assembling a structure out of lollipop sticks as she uses three differently-coloured markers to make sure she has presented the collocations correctly on the board before leading the students in a substitution drill.

“Why do we have to spend time over this?” Aziz asks, banging his fist on the table. “I’m supposed to be starting work in a head chef on four week’s time; it’s not going to help me to know whether I should say under my supervision or in my supervision. That’s not going to get the bloody pastry to rise is it?”

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