“Sorry, what was that?” Alesandro Demetriou was quoted as saying as he pulled out the other earbud, giving the attention of both of his ears to the Director of Studies, if not his eyes.

This summit had been called to discuss the problem of phone use in class but the TEFL delegate, Karen, has so far said she is unsure whether discussions are progressing.

She gave a cough and Mr Demetriou’s eyes met hers for an instant before returning to the Youtube video of the top 10 skiing accidents of 2018.

“I was saying,” said the DOS, “that Adrian’s progress test score was one of the worst in the class and that-“

“Woah!” Mr Demetriou’s hand shot to cover his mouth and his eyes widened as he watched a pink and black clad skier wrap himself around a tree. “Sorry, go on.”

“And that it might be because he’s spending too much time on his phone in class.”

Mr Demetriou shot the DOS a look of skepticism as he swiped back to Facebook and began scrolling down. “Maybe he’s using the dictionary to translate words,” he offered by way of explanation.

“The teacher reports that he’s playing Candy Crush Saga.”

“Yeah, I’ve got it,” replied Mr Demetriou, nodding. “What level are you on?”

“Not the same one as you,” Karen said, icily, to no response from Mr Demetriou.

“You can’t use up all your moves too early or you’ll run out.”

“We’d like to set some rules about phone use in class,” continued the DOS, raising her voice a little, “and we’re asking if you can support us in making sure Adrian tows the line.”

“I haven’t got Line,” Mr Demetriou replied. “You can find me on Facebook or Instagram.”

Mr Demetriou stood up, feeling that the talks had reached their terminus for the day.

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