It’s late afternoon and Karen Fletcher is sitting in the corner of the classroom where an Intermediate class have positioned themselves in a circle to discuss relationships.

“The last two men who I’ve dated have seemed interested at first,” Witri Wahid explains, “but they seem to lose interest after only a couple of meetings.”

Over her shoulder, a young woman in a pencil skirt nods and steps forward, lowering her mouth to Witri’s ear.

“Have you tried doing something different with your hair?” she says in a soft voice. “Wearing it up doesn’t compliment the shape of your face.”

As the lesson continues, Karen gives her version of events to our reporter in a whisper.

“Danielle there was asking about professional development, saying that she needed a new challenge. I gave her a couple of ideas to try out, one of which was Suggestopedia.”

“I’ve found the same,” says Rio Prabowo. “There’ve been some girls I’ve met on Tinder who’ve been really keen on meeting up but they never seem interested in a second meeting.”

Danielle has made her way around to behind Rio’s seat. She leans forward again, but not as closely this time. “Deodorant, honey,” she whispers.

With a pained look on her face, Karen whispers to our reporter again. “I think I should have taken some time to explain it better. I can’t see any evidence here of partial-global learning.”

Ramos Lesmana has the floor now and is explaining his own problems. “In the last couple of years of marriage, I would say the spark has died in our relationship,” he says. “My wife used to be glad to see me when I got home, but now she just has a list of chores for me to do.”

Danielle leans forward again. “Maybe you should leave that bitch,” she says. She leans forward and bites her lip as she places a hand on Ramos’ muscular shoulder. “I’d never treat you like that.”

Karen swallows and blinks before scribbling frantically on her notepad.

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