“Before we get started, you need to know some background,” says Doraemon, 4. “One thing that me and the boys agree on is that games are awesome, whereas school sucks, right guys?”

Nods of agreement come from Optimus Prime, 5, and Aragorn, 6.

“When Mr David was our teacher, it was all school and no games. We had these pieces of paper where we had to practice writing out animals and objects and stuff.”

“It was awful,” Optimus Prime chimes in.

“Terrible,” Doraemon continues. “But then Mr Andrew took over the class and the very first thing he said was… Game!”

The students clench their fists with enthusiasm as they remember.

“The first game was to sit as still and silently as we could for one minute. Now, okay, we didn’t get off to a very good start with that one. The girls’ team have some strong competitors. Elsa one, Elsa four and Anna three hardly moved a muscle, but still it was good to be able to compete.”

“When we saw how the girls got a smiley face next to their names on the board for winning, we knew we weren’t going to be caught napping again,” says Aragorn.

“Right,” agrees Doraemon. “And since then we’ve made sure to be on top form when it’s come to games like putting away the crayons or getting your chairs back into a straight line.”

“Straight line champions three times this week, baby!” shouts Aragorn.

Doraemon leans over to high five him.

“It’s just got a little weird today, though,” he says thoughtfully. “One of the games in today’s lesson was that we all had to write our date of birth next to our name on a piece of paper that Mr Andrew gave us. I mean, that was it.”

“We still kicked ass though!” Optimus Prime points out.

“Oh yeah,” says Doraemon. “It’s just got me thinking, though. I mean, what is a game? Can anything be a game? Surely there are limits.”

I ask Aragorn and Optimus Prime if they feel the same way.

“So long as we beat the girls I don’t care,” Optimus Prime assures me.

Upon hearing the bell, all three dash back through the door into the classroom, knowing what stiff competition the girls can offer in the game of getting back to the class quickly after break time.

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