“…and I think the Flipped Classroom approach is going to be the future of ELT as more and more interactions are happening online.”

The man hears the soft sound of scribbling through the headphones. He’s twenty-five minutes into the interview and so far it’s going well. He’s regurgitated plenty of buzzwords from DELTA module one and talked the interviewer through his sample lesson plan. But – there’s still a major hurdle to get over.

“Thank you, James. Is there anything you want to ask me?”

He swallows. He knows what must be done, but how?

“So, talking of using the Internet. What are connection speeds like there? I mean, can I download music?”


“I mean, if I wanted to listen to some Frank Zappa and Cypress Hill in the evenings while, you know, relaxing… would that be possible?”

“…I don’t see why not.”

It’s a good answer, but maybe he hasn’t made his point clearly enough.

“Is there a pizza restaurant there?”

“Yeah. You can get a range of-“

“-and does it still get a passing trade at, say, 2am?”

“…I suppose so?”

Clearly, the interviewer has not caught his meaning. He tries again.

“I wonder if I’ll be able to indulge my hobbies there. I like to play Dungeons and Dragons.”

“…I suppose if you bring the book with you-“

“-and sometimes while playing I burst out into fits of giggles. Erm, will the police be looking out for that kind of behaviour? Because here in Phnom Penh they aren’t that strict…”

Hundreds of miles away, the interviewer sits and stares into the screen, listening to the young man’s seemingly irrelevant questions. She wonders what the hell is going on and wishes she hadn’t got so baked before starting the interview.

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