“Choose your favourite member of these K-pop bands and we’ll tell you your learning style.”

“Pick something from Taco Bell to serve each of the characters from Friends and find out whether you should take TEOFL or IELTS.”

-These are the kind of exciting quizzes you will be able to experience when Fuzzfeed EFL launches next week.

The stated mission of the page is, “to post content tailored to millennial English learners about a week after it has already gone viral on Reddit.”

In addition to self-analysis quizzes, learners will be able to read articles on the correct usage of phrases such as “can’t even” and “low-key” as well as understand the correct punctuation of “OMG.”

There will be an editorial piece on whether Flossing or Crumping make for a better warmer, as well as the opportunity to learn English through screenshots of awkward conversations on dating apps and a curated gallery of GIFs illustrating “17 things only people who can’t pronounce ‘th’ will understand.”

Fuzzfeed EFL is still looking for contributions for their fledgling sub-page. If you think you have something to offer Fuzzfeed EFL, please send an article of no more than 500 words to the e-mail address stated misusing the word “literally”, pretending that Billie Eilish and Orange Is The New Black constitute culture and feigning an interest in the lives of the Kardashian family.

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