There have been outbreaks of students using the verb “to be” in unexpected situations. As of December 2019, WHO has announced this is no longer a problem, appearing only occasionally next to stative verbs.

Local citizens have a natural immunity to th sounds and cannot become infected. You may have been immunised against th sounds as a child if you grew up in Essex or the Thames estuary. Check your medical records.


In recent years, a few TEFLers have fallen victim to students pretending to think when asked a question. Stay alert and nominate.


Dollars are accepted at most shops and restaurants, though among younger learners the favoured currency is a reward system. Exchange your praise for happy faces, stars and candy before you arrive, as exchange rates at ports are punitive.

Check that your insurance covers errors with irregular verbs as well as regular verbs in case you need to be evacuated from an awkward conversation with a student’s parent and remember that your embassy cannot help you if the students use a completely unintended grammar structure to complete the task.

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